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Crafting Custom Western Accessories

When you want to inject authenticity and style into any look, choose Western accessories from The Bohlin Company. We offer a wide range of options that enhance cowboy looks and everyday outfits. Created with care and custom-made to order, our accessories offer the perfect finishing touch to define your western look as a classic, well-considered, and distinctive choice.


You can wear our durable accessories wherever you go. From a Texas church to a classic Hollywood-themed party, we give you that little something extra that won’t be found sitting on store shelves. Plus, our capacity for personalized work means accessories that feature your personal initials or preferred design.


Cinema-Certified Appeal

The craftsmanship of our custom Western belt buckles might look a little familiar. That’s because there’s a good chance you’ve seen our founder’s work before in some of the most beloved western productions in cinematic history. Our accessories have been staples on legendary sets for:


  • Hopalong Cassidy

  • The Lone Ranger

  • Roy Rogers

  • The Cisco Kid


When producers wanted an authentic look that was still stylish enough to define their iconic characters, they trusted our work. Now, you can enjoy the same level of quality and attention to detail by ordering from us. Of course, we do more than belt buckles for the modern shopper.


Our inventory includes men's Western watches, bolo ties, money clips, and jewelry. We offer everything you need to complete a look inspired by the greatest era of American myth. Step into the boots of your favorite hero or outlaw and impress with exceptional accessories that are stylish enough to fit cowboy looks and refined enough for a professional outfit.


A History of Satisfaction

Hollywood was just one stop for a company crafting career that spans nearly a century. Since 1920, Bohlin products have been the standard in excellence when it comes to Western outfit accessories. Our work carries the lessons and improvements learned over an impressive history as the premier source for custom work in our field.


When it comes to today’s offerings, like our Western silver buckle sets, you get the best possible blend of classic craft and contemporary convenience. With our online presence and easy shipping, you get the best value and accessories that speak to your exceptional sense of style. Whether you want an immediately-available item from our extensive inventory of a piece made exclusively for you, ours is the name you can trust for every order.


Contact us to learn more about our custom accessories. We proudly offer nationwide shipping.

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