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  • H - 2" x W - 3"
  • Sterling Silver
  • White Buffalo overlaid in 14k Rose Gold and 14k White Gold with a Ruby Eye
  • Moon overlaid in 22k Yellow Gold
  • Mountain Landscape and Clouds are repousse in Sterling Silver
  • Saguaro Cacti overlaid in 14k Green Gold with Rubies
  • Background is Hand Engraved in a grass pattern
  • Border is Raised Hand Engraved Teepee Style  in 14k Rose Gold
  • Tribute to Rare Albino Buffalo
  • Fits a 1 1/2" Belt

White Buffalo

    • Designed as a tribute to the rare Albino Buffalo 
    • The Native Americans revere the white buffalo as "The Great Healer"
    • White Buffalo signals a time of abundance and plenty
    • In keeping with the spirit of Ed Bohlin
    • Our current model for our Bison (Buffalo) is taken from a picture taken in Yellowstone National Park
    • Just outside of Cody Wyoming, where Ed first started
    • Buffalo is a Symbol of Self-sacrifice
      • It gives until there is nothing left

*2 - 4 Week delivery for items that are not in stock. 

To check whether an item is in stock for immediate delivery, please feel free to call us.

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