• H - 2 1/4"  x  W - 3 5/8""
  • Sterling Silver
  • Fred Harman Bucking Horse overlaid in 22k Yellow Gold,14k Yellow Gold, 14k Green Gold and 14k Rose Gold
  • Mountains overlaid in 14k Rose Gold
  • Saguaro Cacti overlaid in 14k Green Gold
  • Scenic Background is Engraved
  • Border is Raised 14k Rose Gold  
  • Fits a 1 1/2" Belt




766 BH AZ G3

    • One of the most time intensive pieces crafted today
    • Crafted continuously in The Bohlin Shop since 1930
    • Using the original dies made by Ed and his die maker, Charles Samples
    • The enduring myth of the Southwest is forever etched in precious metal
    •  After being struck in the original Arizona die, the shapes are meticulously hand-cut and overlaid.
    • Fred Harman is the author of The Red Ryder Comic Books
    • In lieu of payment he gave Ed Bohlin the registered trademark to the Bucking Horse.
    • Used on the cover of our 1938 catalogue, the Bucking Horse image has become synonymous with the Bohlin company.

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