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  • H - 2"  x  W - 3 1/4"
  • Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver Hand Repousse Arrowhead
  • Sterling Silver Wire
  • Fully Engraved
  • Made to fit a 1 1/2” belt.

466 Arrowhead

    • Hammered into relief from the reverse side
    • Native American Indians began making Arrowheads in the Stone Age
    • They were crafted to form sharpened V-shaped points
    • They used flint stones to shape the stones
    • The materials used were Flint, Obsidian and Chert
    • From the plain V form to Fluted and Notched
    • They were used kill everything from mammoths to bison to fish

*2 - 4 Week delivery for items that are not in stock. 

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