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Beautifully Handcrafted Western Trinkets, Keepsakes, and Accessories

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or want to add a little flair to your daily outfit, The Bohlin Company has a wide selection of beautifully handcrafted western trinkets, keepsakes, and accessories ideal for any occasion.

Since 1920, we’ve been making custom western-style jewelry designed with the highest-quality metals and stones. We carry everything from engraved silver bracelets to traditional cuff links and collar tips.


Inspired By Hollywood and the Old West

Have you ever watched an old western movie and noticed the fashions of the day with shiny belt buckles or bolo ties? Well, there is a good chance The Bohlin Company crafted those pieces. Our founder started his career making custom pieces for Hollywood, and even today, we are still inspired by those unique designs.

Our team of skilled artisans continues to give the same pride in their craftsmanship as our original owner did. Whether you buy custom knives or luxury watches, you know they are made with the quality craftsmanship of Bohlin. 



We proudly ship products across the nation.

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