Custom Buckles Made by the Best

The Bohlin Company is the most trusted name in the business of Western fashion, and for good reason. For over 100 years, we’ve crafted custom buckles for cowboy belts using only the highest-quality materials. These items are works of art you can wear, with 50% of production being custom work. We have several styles you can try, all of which are designed and produced entirely in-house. Check them out below.

Our Trophy Buckles

Bohlin trophy models artfully depict animals like buffalo and fish as well as weaponry to remind you of a day on the hunt. They’re made to fit your belts perfectly while showing off your favorite hobby.


Gold and Silver Ranger Sets

These sets are comprised of several pieces that you can easily coordinate for a Western look that’s one-of-a-kind. These buckle designs feature Western heritage and symbols in use since the 1920s, perfect for the history enthusiast.


Dress Buckles

As the name suggests, these buckles are beautiful, shiny, and perfect for formal occasions at the country club. We handcraft them into high polish art that completes any belt. The Bohlin Company makes all of these to order, so the quality is everything you’d expect and more.